Norwegian artist Center of the Universe aka Jørgen Skjulstads has been on the Generation Bass radar for a few years now. Center of the Universe does a unique brand of quirky electronica that takes in all manner of things. His releases contain traditional songs remade alongside original compositions inspired by archaic entertainment consoles and pre-iPhone computer culture ranging from Azeri Skip, Post-Reggaeton, BalkanBit, Oriental Dub, Arabic Skweee, Balkan Skweee through to Post-Rembetika amongst many other things.

For Generation Bass he has dropped this free Arabic Skweee/Oriental Dub/Greek/Turkish EP which he calls “Never mind the böreks”. This EP consists of 4 tracks. Following our short preface, C.O.U. tells us about the tracks in his own words:

Songs of Today

At first, we thought this was a Balkan track, Serbian or Bosnian, surprised when we found it was Greek. It’s got a Trap vibe about it and is a great opener for a DJ set. Sounds like a contemporary urban version of a track from a good time musical soundtrack.

“This song started with a sample from a Greek old record bought at a flea-marked. There are only Greek letters on it except of the title "Songs of today" I got a Greek friend to translate the words and it is a nice love song.

Chorus goes like: (get out my delalis* and agas** in
sejiani***) * Turkish word for the man that used to shout the news on the streets ** Turkish word for the prince *** serjiani = relaxing by looking at the horizon without doing anything.

Pretty lyrical innit!”


from Never mind the boreks, released March 10, 2016



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