Norwegian artist Center of the Universe aka Jørgen Skjulstads has been on the Generation Bass radar for a few years now. Center of the Universe does a unique brand of quirky electronica that takes in all manner of things. His releases contain traditional songs remade alongside original compositions inspired by archaic entertainment consoles and pre-iPhone computer culture ranging from Azeri Skip, Post-Reggaeton, BalkanBit, Oriental Dub, Arabic Skweee, Balkan Skweee through to Post-Rembetika amongst many other things.

For Generation Bass he has dropped this free Arabic Skweee/Oriental Dub/Greek/Turkish EP which he calls “Never mind the böreks”. This EP consists of 4 tracks. Following our short preface, C.O.U. tells us about the tracks in his own words:

Sigara Böreği

This track has a very Kraftwerk vibe about it in terms of tempo and melody.

“This started out as a remix for Oslo avant-rockers Moon Relay. First I sang upon their guitars and added a lot of instruments for their remix. Then I wanted to do a break-dance-version of that remix and in the process everything except some ring modulated synths and the beat was gone out in favour of some more oriental vibes. The track is heavily inspired by Swedish Skweee-pioneer and Dj Daniel Savio.”


from Never mind the boreks, released March 10, 2016



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